Tuesday 27th September 2016 v East Kilbride 1 19:55
Friday 28th October 2016 v Bathgate (Cancelled) 19:55
Friday 16th December 2016 v Calder 17:45
Wednesday 21st December 2016 v Hamilton VC 17.45
Thursday 19th January 2017 v East Kilbride 2 17:45
Monday 20th February 2017 v Bathgate (Rearranged) 19:55
Friday 10th March 2017 v Cambuslang 17:45
Wednesday 15th March 2017 v New Bothwell 19:55
Thursday 23rd March 2017 Semi Final 17:45
Thursday 29th March 2017 Final 17:45

27/09/2016 (19.55) 28/10/2016 (19.55) 16/12/2016 (17.45) 21/12/2016 (17.45)
v East Kilbride 1 v Bathgate v Calder v Hamilton VC
J.Carson A.Black
B.Robison A.Roe
B.Cunningham T.Roche
PJ.Harding B.Cunningham

19/01/2017 (17.45) 20/02/2017 (19.55) 10/03/2017 (17.45) 15/03/2017 (19.55)
v East Kilbride 2 v Bathgate v Cambuslang v New Bothwell
R.Parry A.Roe J.Carson T.Roche
B.Cunningham P.Harding B.Robison A.Roe
A.Black J.Carson B.Cunningham J.Carson
B.Robison - PJ.Harding A.Black




Each league game shall be eight ends or the bell.

Semi Finals and Final will be 8 ends with 1 extra end if tied. If the score remains tied, one member of each team will draw the shot

FOUR SUBSTITUTES will be allowed during the duration of the competition.

No player shall represent MORE THAN ONE RINK in the competition.

Where a team has only 3 players at the starting bell then the game should commence with the first 2 players throwing 3 stones each per end, The team playing with 3 players will be penalised 1 shot for every 5 minutes that they are a player short, up to a maximum of 3 shots (15minutes). The penalty shots should be added to the score by the offending team as soon as their forth player appears or after 15 minutes. The fourth player may join the game at any time. Even if the offending team completes the game with only 3 players, the result shall stand.

No game may start until a team has at least 3 players. Where a team does not have at least 3 present at the starting bell, they will be penalised 1 shot every 5 minutes until they have a third player then further penalties will apply as above until a fourth is present. If any team does not have 3 players present within 30 minutes of the starting bell, they will forfeit the game (0 points and 6 shots) and will be held responsible for the ice charges.

All ice charges must be paid.

All names must be entered on the score cards, Failure to comply may lead to loss of points and shots.