1. Name of the Club.

(Revised 14.09.2006)

The club shall be called "WISHAW CURLING CLUB",
Here-after called the Club.

2. Objects.
The objects of the Club shall be (i) to provide congenial opportunities for curling for members, (ii) to promote the game of curling in the Wishaw District and surrounding areas and (iii) to further the aims of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

3. Membership
The Club shall have Full, Reserve, Junior, Honorary Life and Associate Members. Full, reserve and junior members will be described hereafter as playing members. Application for membership of the Club may be made in writing to the Secretary. The Council shall have the sole right to approve or refuse any such application. The Secretary shall advise the applicant of the Council's decision following its first meeting. Any member wishing to resign from the Club must give notice in writing to the Secretary prior to the AGM.
Reserve/Junior Membership: Each team shall have a reserve/junior member who will play as a substitute in that team as required. Reserve members shall be eligible to attend the AGM and vote. On receiving the resignation of a full member, the Council shall have the right to fill the vacancy immediately by offering full membership to a reserve member.
Honorary Life Membership: The Council shall have the right to offer Honorary Life Membership to senior members of the Club. Honorary Life, Junior and Associate members may attend the AGM but may not vote.

4. Management and Council.
The Council of the Club shall comprise of the following Office Bearers viz. a President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
The Vice-President will be elected at the AGM and will serve for TWO years in that office, succeed the President for TWO years and remain as Past-President for TWO years.
A Past-President shall not be eligible for re-election as an Office Bearer for a further TWO years after demitting office. The Secretary and Treasurer will be elected annually. The Council will ensure that the Club's affairs are conducted in the spirit and letter of the Constitution and Rules of the Club and shall have administrative and executive management of the Club subject to decisions of the AGM and any SGM.
The President, or failing him/her the Vice-President, shall chair the AGM and any SGM and such meetings of the Council as may be necessary to transact the business of the Club. The quorum for the AGM and a SGM shall be the Chairman and SIX (6) members and for Council meetings, the Chairman and TWO (2) members. The Chairman shall have the casting vote only.
The Vice-President will assist the Secretary by checking the score cards, by recording the results of the games on the Ice-Rink notice board, by providing the Secretary with the names of the winners of the various competitions and by arranging or re-arranging games in the course of the season as necessary.

5. Finance.
The financial year shall end on 31st March. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of account of the Club's financial transactions. The said books or an extract there from shall be available for inspection by the Club members at the AGM. An auditor shall be appointed at the AGM.

6. Annual General Meeting. (AGM)
The AGM shall be held within 21 days of the end of the playing season. The secretary shall give FOURTEEN days notice of the meeting to all members of the Club. At each AGM the following reports shall be submitted:
(i) Secretary's Report and
(ii) The Treasurer's Report.
The business shall also include the appointment of two members to represent the Club at meetings of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club, The Lanarkshire Province and Hamilton Ice Sports Club, consideration of the strength of the Club and the selection of teams for the following playing season.

7. Special General Meeting. (SGM)
A SGM may be called by the President and Secretary or by a letter to the Secretary signed by no fewer than Four members of the Club. The Secretary shall give FOURTEEN days notice of such a meeting to all members of the Club after receipt by the Secretary of such requisition and such notice shall specify the business proposed to be discussed at any such meeting.

8. Alteration of Constitution.
The Constitution and rules of the Club shall be amended, altered or rescinded only by a majority of TWO-THIRDS of the members present and voting at an AGM or SGM called for that purpose. The notice calling such a meeting shall set out in full the resolution(s) proposing any alteration(s), addition(s) or deletion(s).


1. Subscription.
The annual subscription for Full and Reserve Members of the Club shall be fixed by the Council as soon as the Club's ice allocation and ice charges for the next playing season are known and shall become due on the 15th of September. Reserve and Junior Members shall pay a game levy to be fixed by the Council. Any Member (full or reserve) whose subscription has not been paid by the above date shall not be eligible to take part in any of the Club's competitions or activities until his subscription has been paid. In the event of such subscriptions remaining unpaid for SIX months after 15th of September, the defaulting member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club but the Council shall have the discretion to waive this rule in the light of any special circumstances.

2. Club Competitions.
The following trophies are competed for viz. the Presidents Shield, the Thirds Trophy the Pairs Trophy and the Points Trophy.
The Presidents Shield and the Thirds Trophy are league competitions with each team playing the other teams twice in the former and once in the latter. The Pairs Trophy has two league sections with Semi-finals and Final. An end-of-season competition will be played to an experimental formula, the prize to the winning team being the Clubs Auchentoshan Cup.
All games must be played by R.C.C.C. rules.

3. Selection of Skips and Teams.
For five teams each member will have SEVEN votes and will arrange their selection in order of preference. The winner of the Presidents Plate will skip team No.1.  The winner of the Thirds Trophy will skip team No.5. Skips of teams 2, 3 and 4 will be chosen by voting.
Members selected not as Skips or Thirds shall be allocated teams in rotation as Seconds. The remaining Second and Lead players will be allocated by drawing lots.

(b) To ensure even playing strength among teams in all Club competitions every member except the winners of the Presidents Plate and the Thirds Trophy must be included in the selection process and is required to play in the position for which he/she is selected.
(c) Members of the Club wishing to reduce their playing commitments may opt to be reserve members by intimating their intentions at the AGM before the teams are selected.

4. Substitutes.
The reserve/junior members will be allocated to teams and pairs for which they are the recognised substitutes.
Members of teams and pairs unable to play on a particular date must in the first instance approach the reserve allocated to their team or pair as a replacement, then any other reserve except the reserve of their opponent's team or pair. Failing a reserve member any member of the club may be approached.  A substitute must play before the regular members of the team in which he/she is acting as a substitute (Bye-law 2). Courtesy demands that his/her skip be informed that a member is unable to play, and that a substitute has been obtained.

5. Representative Matches.
The council shall have full powers to select skips and members of teams to represent the Club in local and national competitions.  Other members may form teams for competitions but must seek the Council's approval to use the name of the Club in any competition. Members of teams representing the Club in open competitions, i.e. those NOT organised by the Club, will be responsible for their own ice fees and for the full ice fee should the game be lost by these members through default under the rules of these competitions.

6. Observance of Rules.
The Constitution and Rules shall be binding on all members of the Club. The Council is empowered to warn, reprimand or suspend, after an investigation and hearing, any member considered to be in breach of the constitution and rules or whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the interest of the Club. The Council must inform the members at a General Meeting of the circumstances of any warning, reprimanded or suspension. If a member is suspended by the Council, a S.G.M. shall be called notice of which must be given within SIXTY (60) days of the date of the suspension.

An S.G.M. need not be called if the date of the suspension is within SIXTY (60) days of the next A.G.M. After consideration the offending member may be expelled from the Club provided a majority of TWO-THIRDS of the members' present vote for such expulsion.


1. Presidents Shield.
All games will be played over 10 ends or to the bell.

2. Thirds Trophy.
All games will be played over 10 ends or to the bell. In this competition the regular lead must play in that position unless a member of another team is playing as a substitute when that player must play before the regular player in the team.

3. Pairs Trophy.
In the league section the games will be played over 6 ends, each player delivering 3 stones. In the 7.55pm game the last end must start not later than 8.50pm (55 minutes from the start of the 1st game) so that the second game can start at 9.00pm.
The Final will be played over 7 ends, each player delivering 4 stones. In the event of a tie in this game an extra end will be played.

In the event of a league game being un-played and conceded by one skip to the other, the skip to whom the game was conceded will be credited with TWO points as though his/her team had won by a majority of SIX shots.
In the event of a Pairs game being un-played and conceded by one skip to the other, the skip to whom the game was conceded will be credited with TWO points as though his/her team had won by a majority of FOUR shots.
In the interests of fairness to reserve members, teams and pairs, it is particularly important that Rule.4. be strictly observed.

Any team with more than TWO substitutes playing shall concede the game. The opposing team shall be awarded the game, credited with TWO points as though they had won the game by a majority of SIX shots.

In the event of a league game being played with one team comprising of only THREE players the other team will be credited with Four Shots.

In the event of a league game being started with one team comprising of only three players the other team will be credited with ONE shot after Five minutes from the bell, TWO shots after Fifteen minutes, THREE shots after Twenty-five minutes and FOUR shots after half an hour if the team remains one player short.

In the event of a tie in any competition, an extra end will be played to decide the winner. If time does not allow this, then one nominated player from each team will draw one stone to the House, normal sweeping rules to apply.  The nominated player from the team winning the preceding end will deliver the first stone. The first stone played shall be measured and removed before the second stone is played.
The stone nearest the centre of the house shall decide the winner.